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MICHAEL WALSH veteran writer and book editor has edited and enhanced to retail standards over 140 books for clients.

Ex-columnist for the Euro Weekly News Group he was honoured in 2011 when he received the publishing group’s Writer of the Year award. A feature writer for mainstream American media, Michael is also a member of The Barnes Review editorial team.

FEES are reasonable, staged payments are available for book editing and settlement is by easy US, UK or EU bank transfer. EMAIL MICHAEL for payment details.


FICTION Romance ~ Crime – Adventure ~ True Life ~ Erotica ~ Sci-Fi ~ Paranormal Only €20 or $ and £ equivalent per 1,000 Words

MAKE YOUR BOOK A FAMILY ENTERPRISE A handwritten manuscript takes extra time and costs more. TIP: Ask a family member to transcribe your book onto their computer from which I can work. It will save you money.

Why should you in addition to writing your book bear the cost of book editing and perhaps self-publishing: TIP: Make your enterprise a family affair. Invite your family to contribute to your book writing fees.


YOUR BOOK:Having played scores of roles in British and American movies and built my career with British television I realised it was time to mark the occasion of my retirement with a biography as a tribute to my thousands of fans. Michael was recommended to me. We got together and doing so was one of the best decisions ever’.

Jill Curzon Actress

YOUR PERIODICAL: Mike can write about anything on demand; quickly, accurately and with great flair. He is an editor’s dream; a pleasure to deal with, which is always a bonus. We chose him as Writer of the Year 2011 out of a pool of more than 20 writers for very good reason. He is highly recommended.’

Alfredo Bloy, Former Editor Euro Weekly News Group.

YOUR BIOGRAPHY: ‘Michael. I never really thought it possible for anyone to bring to life my autobiography as you did. I don’t exaggerate when I say you far exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you.’

Mickey Finn. In my Own Words: Still Running. Dublin.

Let’s build something together.