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International Reach

Don’t feel trapped by an inability to write well. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. All I need is for you to let me know what you have in mind and I can offer a solution.

Popular Types of Books

Most popular books: Romance and Adult Romance, Novels, Crime, True Life, SciFi, Horror, Paranormal, All types of Thrillers, World War II, Revisionist History.

The Personal Touch

I do not subcontract work. Client discretion is assured: New and established authors and writers. Fees are below market average with easy-budget staged payments and bank-to-bank transfers.


Romance ~ Crime – Adventure ~ True Life ~ Erotica ~ Sci-Fi ~ Paranormal Only €20 or $ and £ equivalent per 1,000 Words

  • Book and Media editing, website content, article editing and story enhancement.
  • You write it I right it.
  • I work directly with clients.

Everyone wants to write but not everyone wants their book published. Book publishing is an option not a presumption. Your finished book on a Memory Stick is an heirloom.

I have clients in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. No problems. Wherever you are the copyright and royalties are yours.

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Mícheál Walsh writes as you would if you could

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Mícheál Walsh Walsh personal assistance and understanding EMAIL:

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Based in Spain and the United Kingdom

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